Eric Church Sees Little Girl's Sign, Donates $10,000 To Her School

Eric Church Sees Little Girl's Sign, Donates $10,000 To Her School

Eric Church Sees Little Girl's Sign, Donates $10,000 To Her School

Country music singer, Eric Church, was mid-set at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Friday night (September 27) when a sign held up in the crowd by 10-year-old Makenna Wallace caught his eye.

Church had someone bring him the bright green sign that said "Will you sponsor my jog-a-thon?" After reading it himself, he held it up for everyone else to see. Church then looked right at the little girl who had been holding it and said, "I will sponsor you for your jog-a-thon." The crowd roared in approval. "I like your shades by the way," Church added.

The country singer continued to play for about three more hours and at the end of the show he ran over and gave Makenna a hug. One of Church's security members got the family's contact information and on the Monday following the show (September 30), they received a message with awesome news from Church.

The email said, "Eric and his wife Katherine wanted to donate, and it should be credited to Makenna's tally and the check was in the mail," Makenna's mother, Megan Wallace said. The total of the check? A whopping $10,000.

"He had no clue anything about her, us, or our community. But he saw her, recognized and followed through with this generous donation that it going to help this school tremendously. We are just so thankful and grateful for his generosity," Wallace says.

Makenna ran a total of 15 laps, about three miles, during the jog-a-thon fundraiser. Prior to Church's $10,000 contribution, she had raised $735 on her own.

"If I could say anything to him I would say, thank you, you're my hero, stuff like that," Makenna said. "I was just like, 'oh my gosh this is really happening? I was really shaky. I was happy, nervous, it was awesome."

Just last week, "Beer Never Broke My Heart" singer, Luke Combs, brought an entire stadium to tears during a show at Missouri State University. He invited a young boy named Hudson up on stage who was holding a sign that read, "This St. Jude Kid Loves You." Combs dedicated a moving performance of "This One's For You" to the teary-eyed boy.

Between Church's generosity and Combs' heartfelt dedication, we're reminded of what makes country music so special. Watch the video of Church agreeing to help out Makenna and her school below.

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