Luke Bryan Explains “Knockin’ Boots” To His Kids

Luke Bryan is one of country music’s most famous artists, but he is also a dad, and sometimes taking on those roles is a delicate balance. So, how does Luke explain what it means to be “knockin’ boots” to his sons Bo, 11, and Tatum, 8?

Cody Alan got the scoop from Luke while hanging out backstage during Luke’s 11th annual ‘Farm Tour’ concert in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“Knockin Boots. Well, I’m like, ‘Boys, it’s like when me and momma are dancing, and our boots hit together,’” laughs the singer. “They have a few years before they figure that out.”  

Luke’s songs are candid, easy-to-digest observations of life. Sometimes his song titles can be cryptic; other times, they’re plain and simple. “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” is undoubtedly direct, and Luke shares that his fans have made it mandatory for him to perform it at every concert.

“Country Girl (Shake It For Me). I think if I did not perform that song, I would have a fan revolt.”  

“Nobody wants that,” laughs Cody. 

Cody wasn't wrong. See "The Nut House" get wild to this country bop and catch Luke on the road through the end of October by finding ticket details at

Photo Credit: Getty Images.