Not getting 7 hours of sleep? Here is why its really not good

How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night? For me, it's 6-6.5 hours, and I know that's not enough! I struggle with the alarm every day, and I know I feel best at 8 hours, but it just never seems to happen. By the time I make dinner, clean up, take a shower, and read for a few minutes, it's 11pm or later. But I always figured 6 hours is better than, say 4 hours! Apparently not!

We all know that not getting enough sleep is bad for our health, but according to a new study, getting six hours a sleep a night is as bad as not sleeping at all.

For the study, subjects were only allowed to get six hours of sleep a night for two weeks straight. Researchers found that those who got six hours of sleep functioned as poorly as those who were forced to stay awake for two days straight.

Oh, great. That's just great. And that's the level I operate at ALL THE TIME.

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