Bride sets "Size Requirement" for her Bridesmaids

Bride, Moli Harvey, from London, is getting blasted on social media for imposing weight restrictions on her bridesmaids. She even tweeted out her requirements! Moli said, "All my bridesmaids will be under a size 12 as standard. I’m a size six and my bridesmaids are supposed to compliment me, not contrast me. Not saying none of my friends can be bigger than a 12, but they shouldn’t expect to be part of the MAIN wedding party."

Do you think fellow tweeters said idly by? Nope. Here's what some of them had to say, "If I knew you, I’d have you in my wedding as a joke. I’d make you wear a mustard yellow ball gown with puke green polka dots and puff sleeves. I’d put you in the middle. No one should care about the appearance of their wedding so much that they cruelly vilify their “friends.”

"I think that’d be simpler if you were ordering your bridesmaid on the internet, you could choose their size, color and everything! I'm sure there are even delivery options!"

"So if your best friend suddenly gets ill and gains 50 pounds, you’d cut her out of the wedding for aesthetics?"

What do YOU think?

Photo Credit: Getty Images