Oprah's Last Meal

Oprah was asked by People magazine to name her final meal, if she could choose. Oprah said, “Pasta. If I we’re going to choose my last week, they would all be pastas. I love a thing all thrown together in a skillet. It’s part of the life that I grew up with. When I grew up, tuna casserole was one of my favorite things in the world because you get all the stuff mixed together. And I’m one of those people who loves to mix all of my food together.”

Is she kidding me? Hahahaha! TUNA CASSEROLE? I mean, I like tuna casserole ok, but your FINAL meal?

Mine would have to be surf and turf filet mignon with crab stuffed shrimp, a baked potato from Outback (don't they put the salt on the skin?), a side salad and NY style cheesecake for dessert. It would take me a while to eat all of it, but, yep, that's my choice.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lizz Ryals

Lizz Ryals

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