129 Ways to Catch a Husband

This article was originally posted in the 1950's McCall's (oh no, my mom used to read that religiously) gives women 129 tips/ways to catch a husband.

I was at my son's baseball game the other night and decided to enlighten the other moms, and teenagers, on ways to catch a hubby. Pretty hilarious!

Some of the tips are:

To put your cigarette out in an ashtray, not in a cup. A cup? Bwahaahaaaa!

Stumble into a room you know he's in.

Get lost at a football game.

Learn how to bake a tasty apple pie.

AND to cry softly in the corner. Good lord.

Basically we were supposed to be uncoordinated, scheming, idiots. See the entire list here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6335747/Magazine-article-1958-advises-women-cry-softly-corner-attract-men.html

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lizz and Joey

Lizz and Joey